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Comfort Magic Mushroom Capsules


30 capsules per bottle
Dosing Guide
MICRO – Micro Dose 50mg – 250mg

A Microdose is the perfect level of psychedelics for those who are just beginning to experiment with this sort of substance. A Microdose is low enough that it won’t cause any sort of visual effects, but instead will subtly boost your mood, energy, focus, performance, and senses without making it too obvious or disruptive to your life. It adapts easily to any situation and can easily be integrated into your daily life.

LOW – Low Dose 250mg – 500mg

For those looking for a slightly stronger dose of psilocybin than what a microdose provides, a low dose is the perfect solution. Low doses of psilocybin may be more perceptible in terms of effects on mood, creativity and mental clarity than microdoses. Positive outcomes associated with taking a low dose include increased mindfulness and presence, elevated moods, enhanced creative insights, improved flow states and clearer thinking.

MACRO – Macro Dose 500mg – 1.5g

Are you looking for subtle and profound changes in perspective? A macro dose of magic mushrooms might just be what you’re looking for. Also referred to as a museum dose, due to its ability to be taken in public spaces like museums, this dose will produce more noticeable effects than a regular dose but not as intense or overwhelming as a full-blown psychedelic experience. With it comes euphoria and excitement, enhanced empathy and introspection, motivation, creativity and improved conversations – not to mention an appreciation for music and art that much higher!

STRONG – Strong Dose 1.5g – 5 g

A strong dose of magic mushrooms can give you a true psychedelic experience, radically altering your perception of sounds, shapes, colours, time and even yourself. These effects may include intense emotions, visual disturbances such as colour enhancement and the ability to access deeper insight into personal matters. Additionally, those who take more potent dosages of the drug often find themselves feeling very giddy and find joy in listening to music and appreciating art.

HEAVY – Heavy Dose 5 g +

Experienced psychonauts who are looking for a more intense psychedelic experience can try heavy doses of magic mushrooms. With megadoses, users often hallucinate intensely and experience ego dissolution, as well as a deeply introspective journey. This level of tripping can be highly disorienting, yet also incredibly rewarding with feelings of euphoria and new insights into life.

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